A very fun, engaging show that appeals to all ages.

Nicole from David Livingstone School


The participation from the kids and the lights for thoughts and it was fun to see the kids laugh.

Kayla from Gladstone School


It was fun and very engaging for the students.  Great interaction!

Jayme Gladstone school


Great energy, Professional! I loved the puppet work

Erin Rogalsky Gladstone School


I thought it was a great show, My kindergartens really loved it! 

Miranda Turabian, St Francis Xavier


Very interactive - Great! Engaging, wanting to know, see and hear more!

Ara Morris, Brock Corydon School


Great review at end of the session, Thank you! I loved the bright ideas

Bonnie Johnson, Whyte Ridge


Y'all did a great job! Excellent use of humor.

Jennifer Craven, King George School, Kenora On


Gets the message across Thank you! 

Josh Mychallyshun, King George School


Engaging and good for little ones

Officer Ronni Grosenick, Kenora On OPP


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No upcoming event!