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Deanna "Dee Dee" Hartmier and Valerie "Puff" Meiners got the inspiration to teach Safety at Clown Camp Wisconsin in 2004 when they first saw the Firefighters and Police present their safety shows.   It was then that they felt this was something they had to do.  If only to save just one child from accident, fire, bullying etc.

In 2008 they became members of the Arizona Fire and Burn Education Association (AFBEA) and attended their Characterization Camp to get the correct training. AFBEA have been holding their University for 27 years and are the leaders in this type of edutainment. It has be proven that people learn better through this type of education. Puff and Dee Dee continue to get the most current education to teach the correct messages.

January 2015 AFBEA University Deanna and Val were honored to be brought back to present our Bully Free Show and teach other classes.  At the same time updating and get more new and innovative ideas to teach messages and save lives.

Puff the Clown has been sharing joy and laughter with children since 1980, when she began with the Chimo Clowns of Winnipeg. Specializing in magic, face painting, balloon sculpting, juggling, co-operative games, and crafts, her career has taken her across North America and even as far away as Mumbai, India where she and Dee Dee performed at the First International Clown Festival in November 2010. She has also taught clowning since 1986 and offers a special ‘fear-free’ birthday show just for young children. Along with Dee Dee, she is a co-founder of Laughter Without Borders, an entertainment company for children and adults alike.

Deanna Dee Dee the Clown Hartmier has been delighting children of all ages since 1995. She has performed and taught clowning at the first (2010) and recently the third International Clown Festival in India October 2014, Malaysia, Hong Kong , United States, Canada and the Caribbean cruises.  


She was a guest performer for the Ringling Brothers and the Barnum and Bailey Circus in Anaheim, California (2010). Her specialties include face painting, balloon sculpting and performing stage shows for fairs, birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Dee Dee has been the President of the World Clown Association 2013-2015 and as served as the Canadian Director from 2007-2012.  Dee Dee is a member of a number of organizations. She is a co-founder of Laughter Without Borders (BBB), an entertainment company for children and adults.

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